Bananas for bananas...?


Yes! Bananas, who doesn't love a good banana (apart from when they're under ripe yuck). Some say the shape of a banana is specifically designed through evolution to fit perfectly in our hands, I put it down to coincidence though.
*clears throat

Ok so methodology of print. First of all I picked my most appealing banana and snapped it. By appealing I mean in the artistic sense, not whether I'd like to eat it (I did). Picture a life drawing model banana and not an airbrush vogue cover photo banana. I decided pretty early I would take all the black and dark elements and print it over a single colour to give the piece depth, but simplicity. I knew it would add to my photo editing but ultimately it was worth it to make the print job easier.

he result is what you see below, and I was pretty happy with this outcome but in the end decided I would risk adding a third layer......

This was a white layer just to add some highlights and the spotlight effect. I felt this would improve the depth of the image further while keeping the simple feel. It also adds a kind of importance to the image which strikes your eye more. The white layer subtlely took some of the colour underneath it as well which I expected, had I wanted it to take more of the colour I could have taken some of the pigment away by using less paint and more medium, or by using an extender. Either way I am happy with the results, happy enough to share it with you anyway. Bananas Away!

4 bananas.jpg
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