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Check out our most recent products and the inspiration behind the design, as well as an exclusive look into the processes. All past spotlight pieces will be added to the blog.


African Inspiration

This season let's get back to our tribal roots with designs inspired by African masks. This collection features free form designs signifying the natural elements of earth and water, with our more geometric styles taking on a man made aspect. 


I designed this collection to be simple yet attractive to suit any living space and bring it to life. This is achieved by first limiting each design to three colour tones. This allows us to experiment with complementary colour schemes without cluttering the space, creating a natural looking and cohesive pattern.

My first challenge was getting each cushion to suit a modern living space while taking inspiration from a traditional source. We researched many masks from many African tribes to find our patterns, and quickly realised most of these would be too complicated for a cushion design. This is when I had the idea of taking a section of a mask and using that as the basis for a pattern. This allowed me to simplify the design while keeping the essence of my inspiration.

My second challenge came when looking at the colours of traditional masks as these are usually dark in nature, some of which exhibiting very few colours. I opted to pick colours that follow traditional African textiles and add a fresh feel to them to suit a modern environment. This allowed me to keep the authenticity of our subject and creates the free form patterns you see now.